OLBK Terms of Service

On our part
  1. OLBK is free to use.
  2. You own all your data and can export it or delete it as you wish.
  3. You are free to leave OLBK at any time with no obligation, however, if you do leave we would appreciate having an email from you so we can improve OLBK.
  4. Any abuse of OLBK for purposes other than its intended use will result in the suspension of your account.
  5. OLBK reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access if you violate these terms of service. We will inform you via email if such occasion arises and provide you with an opportunity to respond prior to taking this action.

On your part
  1. You will indemnify OLBK, its team and its 3rd party suppliers from any and all consequences that may arise from using OLBK, including but not limited to legal costs.
  2. You will not perform deliberate acts to bring down, corrupt or circumvent the security and integrity of OLBK.

Email: olbk.info@gmail.com

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