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Transact · Reconcile · Report


Capture all your transactions across multiple bank accounts. Credit cards, debit cards, transaction accounts, savings accounts - OLBK handles them all.
Create separate entities and group multiple accounts under each entity.
Drag and drop your receipts and payments against a transaction. Never lose a receipt again.


Slice and dice your transaction data across accounts.
Classify each transaction. Personal and business expenses or income. No Problem.
Split transactions? Perfect for itemizing cash withdrawals and petty cash. Not to mention invoice payments.


Create individual reports for any entity, account or transaction. Analyze your personal and business income and expenses.
Graphical or tabular reports.

Accessible anywhere

OLBK is cloud based. You can use it anywhere you have internet access.
Desktop, tablet or mobile. Nothing to download.

Do your books when you want from where you want.

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